Thursday, 16 June 2011


   Movies are divided into many categories, such as comedy, romance, science-fiction, action and many others. However, the most popular category above the others is action. Action movies are the most watched movies worldwide. There are many action movies that are worth to be watched. One of them is Spiderman. The movie has many amazing action scenes with an interesting storyline. Besides that, it has many more categories inserted other than action, such as comedy, romance and even science-fiction.

Comments About Presentations of Poem

Group 2 - full of drama (haha), funny background sound, quite sporting.

Group 3 (F4) - interesting background sound, good presentation.

Group 4 (Waka-waka) - funny presentation, but talk too much, though. and too noisy (haha).

Group 5 - present with coral speaking style. lack of movement but interesting presentation.

Group 6 - they drew a waterfall instead of lake (haha), but nice drawing, though.

Group 7 - introduction is quite good. Syamim did a lot of work.

Among all the groups above, the group that i would choose for the best presentation is group Waka-waka as their presentation is funny and they managed to gather the attention of the whole class to watch their presentation.

Monday, 13 June 2011

My Biodata

             Assalamualaikum I am going to talk about myself, as my BEL lecturer asked me to.  Not just me, but the whole class actually. So, enjoy reading and forgive me for any mistakes.
            I was born on 19th December 1993 at dawn in Hospital Kuala Terengganu. Ridhwan is the name that my father gave to me afterwards. He said that Ridhwan is the name of an angel. Also, he chose the name above all the other angels’ names because it starts with the letter ‘R’, as he wants our family members’ names start with that letter. Here is the list of my family members’ names:-
·         Father – Rusdi
·         Mother – Roshidah
·         Siblings : 1st – Rab’ie
                     2nd – Rafi
                     3rd – Ridhwan (yours truly)
                     4th – Rasheeqah
                     5th – Raqeebah
                     6th – Rasheed
            Due to that, some of my father’s friends call us the ‘R family’ (haha). Although I was born in Terengganu, my family and I moved to Melaka when I was 5 years old and continued staying here until now.
            During primary school, I studied in SK Lereh, SK Malim and SK Cheng. From standard 1 to standard 3, I studied in SK Lereh. On the mid-year of standard 3, I moved to a new school, SK Malim. Then, in standard 4, I moved to SK Cheng and stayed studying there until standard 6. In secondary school, I studied in SMK Bukit Rambai from form 1 until form 5.
As for my results, I don’t want to talk about it (sad story). 
I think that is all from me. Thank you.